In addition to the lack of understanding of medication functionality, another important factor that causes men to stop using medications is psychological factors and the lack of open communication with their partner.

At times doctors forget that inability to achieve a healthy and firm erection is not only related to prostate disorder. Psychological problems are also a very common cause of erectile problems (erectile disfunction). Experience has shown us that is not enough just to give medication, but doctors need to talk to a patient about his expectations, stressors, partner relationships, work and/or family problems, all that may be affecting his sexual function.

It is extremely important to evaluate stress because its presence reduces the effect of PDE5 inhibitors or natural dietary supplements. In the case of patients considered to have some underlying psychological problems, psychosocial therapy may should be conducted by experts and should involve the partner therapy sessions to. This kind of therapy, may include exercises to be completed at home that engages both partners in open communication.

For patients, experiencing the inability to achieve healthy and solid erections and in the same time who are using other medications (eg. hart, blood pressure…), non-pharmaceutical options should be explored. For example, in some patients, the penis ring (which keep blood in penis during an erection ) can be useful therapy.

Also, the use of a vibrator (on a penis frenulum) can be beneficial on strengthening erection, firmness of penis, and duration of erection.

Penis pumps are also interesting and patients report that they are also very satisfied with the results. They are very successful, and the most common complaints relate to the fact that the erection “feels different” and that it feels unnatural.

Also, in some cases it is necessary to install a penile implant, or external penile prostheses which installation is completed in a rather sophisticated manner these days. Men’s partners indicate that during sexual intercourse, they didn’t notice  that the man didn’t have a “natural” erection.

Most recent studies have shown that natural dietary supplements can be helpful in long term healing, and in cases of mild and moderate intensity erectile disfunction and impotence. 

Also, adopting healthy living habits, eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise is very important for general prostate and penis potency health. Proper and balanced nutrition combined with dietary supplements (vitamins) that are rich in high-quality ingredients is a major factor in the prevention of prostate diseases, prostate enlargement (BPH) and achieving healthy erection.


Its hard to tell witch natural capsules are really effective. Only high quality natural capsules for erectile disfunction can really help patients and act in positive direction!  

Natural Supplements Should Contain:

Vitamins C, E and B6

Vitamins are one of the most important elements for the proper functioning of the human body, they are equally very important in the treatment of prostate disease and the prevention of erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin B6 reduces chromosomal fractures and thus automatically reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Apart from having many health benefits, Vitamin C also has positive effects on prostate and the development of an erection as it boosts the immune system and antioxidant activity. It is known that vitamin E improves blood circulation and is beneficial to the bloodstream therefore it has anti-inflammatory properties and positively affects the prevention of prostate disease and erectile dysfunction. All of these three (3) vitamins are present in foods we eat on a daily basis, but can also be taken as a natural dietary supplement in the form of a capsule or a tablet.


Magnesium is often linked to with the positive effects it has on the cardiovascular system and bone health. However, many studies have shown that magnesium intake is largely effective in the treatment of prostate disorders and erectile dysfunction. If you take it regularly and in healthy dosages, it can have a very positive affect on treating certain types of prostate problems including; enlarged prostate (BPH) and inflammatory prostate processes.


Although a somewhat an unusual cause, zinc deficiency may be responsible for prostate problems and may have an affect on a man’s ability to achieve a healthy and firm erection. Include foods rich in zinc in your diet, these foods may include: fish, whole grains, meat and beans.